Sixty8 Provisional Petroleum based pomade

Sixty8 Provisional Petroleum based pomade

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From the Barbershop comes Sixty8 Provisional company and it's products. Most people aren't aware that Sixty8 was created by Joe Caccavella Jr. out of the barbershop. What better place to create a solid men's grooming line then a barbershop that has been in business for 50 years !

The Sixty8 "Old School" wax pomade is just that, a wax like they used to use back in the Joe Sr. days. This product is NOT water soluble so be aware before ordering. If your looking for a all day hold that is comb-able this is it.   


- Un-scented  - Offers a all day hold that wont be affected by humidity  /sweat  / water   - Made in the USA  - Easy to apply  - Can be re-styled with just a comb  - Works best in dry hair  - Won't get hard like most other pomades  - Has a semi-gloss finish after applied