Sixty8 Provisional Bay Rum Aftershave

Sixty8 Provisional Bay Rum Aftershave

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From the Barbershop comes Sixty8 Provisional company and it's products. What better place to create a solid men's grooming line then a barbershop that has been in business for 50+ years !

Bay Rum is one of the oldest scents in the Barbershop world. Sixty8 took the original recipe and put their spin on it. Sixty8 Bay Rum aftershave is a mixture of traditional Bay Rum cloves and spices mixed with all spice and some other things they can't really disclose to give off the perfect "Just left the Barbershop scent ", but not have it too overpowering or strong. 3.4oz..


Place a few drops on hand and work into hair before styling. Or, place a few drops on hand and work into neck and behind ears to use more as a cologne. Or once again, place a few small drops into a water bottle and use to moisten hair before styling to give a Suttle hint of scent throughout the day.