Gift Certificate - Beard Trim

Gift Certificate - Beard Trim

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What better way to tell someone the subtle hint they need a professional cleanup then a Joe's Barbershop gift certificate ! We have made this really simple, read below:

1. Pick the service you would like to purchase the gift certificate for. The one you are currently looking at is for a Beard Trim

2. Complete the online transaction and print out your receipt. The receipt is the physical gift certificate and what needs to be given to the shop barber for the service. Once again, the RECIEPT is the physical gift certificate, so don't lose it..

3. Give the special person in your life the gift certificate and tell them they can redeem it with any shop barber they choose on any day the shop is open. Pretty simple eh ? 

4. All gift certificates have a eight month expiration from date of purchase. This will be enforced with no exceptions. 

5. We thank you for your support...